At Ososim we are delighted to launch the Mandarin version of our Agile Build simulation, enabling Chinese organisations to engage in this digital transformation learning experience.

For leaders, managing change, in the face of digital transformation, is no longer a linear process. To succeed, leaders must be resilient, able to adapt quickly to new challenges and communicate effectively with stakeholders throughout. The Agile Build change leadership simulation is fast and iterative, encouraging experimentation in a digital context and rewarding continuous engagement.

Leading management training company First Priority Consulting worked with Ososim to develop the Mandarin version and will be distributing the simulation in China. First Priority Consulting currently uses board game-based simulations in their training programmes. Their management team was impressed with the impact of Ososim’s digital simulations, and their flexibility in terms of virtual or face-to-face delivery.

Jonathan Knight, CEO of Ososim said: “Being able to respond effectively to the challenges of digital transformation is critical for companies all over the world, including in China. As China recovers from the impact of COVID-19, we are excited about the potential of our simulations to help organisations adjust to new ways of working.”

Li Zhu, founder and Chairman of First Priority Consulting said: “We have been using board business simulations for more than 20 years. Agile Build is an important part of our efforts to build an even more complete simulation training portfolio that covers a variety of topics. We believe that both board and digital simulations have their advantages. We see working with Ososim as a milestone in our growth path.”

At Ososim we help organisations to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Working in over 85 countries with major global companies, as well as government institutions, leading business schools and non-profit organisations, our digital learning experiences enable individuals, teams and companies to perform at their best.

To find out more about the Agile Build business simulation and our partnership with First Priority Consulting please contact us on +44 (0)1223 421 034 or email